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The Galactic Empire, the once proud and seemingly invincible regime, has been shattered. The New Republic has been formed, but the Imperial Remnant would not give up that easily. For years after the Battle of Endor the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant battled for control. It seemed like the galactic civil war would never end. The Emperor even threatened to come back to life several times, though was always thwarted by the New Republic and the New Jedi Order alike. Finally Grand Admiral Pellaeon broke down and signed a treaty with the New Republic to institute a cease fire and once again bring a sort of peace to the galaxy with no war in sight. The treaty was signed, but the Imperial Remnant still stayed separate from the New Republic. With little more than a dozen systems under their control including the capital Bastion. The war went on for so long, and the Imperial Remnant barely had enough to stand on its own, but the council of Moffs certainly tried.

Upon successfully signing the treaty the rebuilding effort began. Gone was the ways of the past Regime, instead of an Emperor the Imperial Remnant was run by a council of Moffs. Their xenophobic ways were also a thing of the past. With their military forces decimated and a small armada of starships under their command it was time to strengthen the military and bring order to the small state of the Imperial Remnant.

The streets of Ravelin are especially busy today. Children of various species are playing in the street some form of game that involves pretending to shoot each other with their blasters and falling on the ground laughing. In the center of it all stands a citadel that looks like it might just reach out into space. Reflecting the light of the sun it had a certain glisten, a certain beauty to it. This was the Headquarters of the Imperial Remnant. As you walk by the stunning citadel you can’t help but see various posters hung about, “Join the Imperial Navy”, “Protect Lives, Join the Stormtrooper Corp”, and finally “We want you for the Imperial Army!” Among those posters were also a few of the Imperial Remnants most wanted, a blank stare hidden behind a red Mandalorian mask. “Wanted: The Crimson Fist” You can’t help but feel compelled to enter the Recruitment Headquarters. As you enter the large doors you see a sign posted there.

“Recruitment is now open. Any and all men, women, and species who wish to serve in one of the three branches of the Imperial Military may apply within.”

You cautiously make your way up to the counter eying the various species intermingling and filling out application forms on their data pads. You are greeted by a 3D-4 Administrative Droid who presents you with a datapad and informs you to fill out the application while you wait to be called into the interview room, this is the start of a whole new life for sure….

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